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Why consider a Blue Shield Medicare Supplement or a Blue Shield Medicare Medigap plan?

Healthcare costs continue to soar, so it makes good sense to supplement Original Medicare with a Medicare Supplement plan from Blue Shield. Why?

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Although Medicare helps pay many of your healthcare bills, Medicare deductibles and copayments can quickly add up to thousands of dollars a year. Blue Shield Medicare Supplement plans are designed to cover a portion of the hospital, medical, and surgical services that are not covered by Medicare. Blue Shield offers you a choice of five Supplement plans: A, C, D,F, and K. All five plans pay most of the Medicare copayments, and Plans C, D, and F offer additional benefits, paying most of the Medicare deductibles.

Blue Shield Medicare Supplement benefits are subject to the deductible and copayment provisions of Plans A, C, D, F and K, which may be in addition to the deductible and copayments required by Medicare. Blue Shield benefits may also be subject to other limitations set forth in the Service Agreement.

If you enroll in a Blue Shield Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plan F:

You pay nothing for Medicare-approved physician services even if your physician does not accept Medicare assignment, because Plan F includes coverage for 100% of excess charges. Plan F covers the difference, or the “excess charges”(if any) between the amount charged by your physician and the Medicare approved amount. In this example, the Medicare Supplement plan would pay $360 if the provider accepts assignment and $560 if the provider does not accept assignment. You pay $0 in either scenario because the plan pays both the 20% and any applicable excess charges. Free Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Quotes (800) 790-6409.

Your choice of physicians and hospitals

You can choose any licensed physician, provider, or medical facility that accepts Medicare whenever and wherever you need care for illness or injury within the United States. Providers are paid by Blue Shield only for the covered services they render to plan members. Providers receive no financial incentives or bonuses from Blue Shield.

Automatic claims procedures

Whenever you receive services within California, there’s rarely a need to file a claim. Your doctor will submit a claim to Medicare for the services you receive, and Medicare will, in turn, bill Blue Shield. Blue Shield will pay the benefits directly to you, the physician, or the hospital, depending on which party covered the cost of services when they were delivered. We will also send you an Explanation of Benefits form showing what we’ve paid and what, if anything, you owe. All claims must be received within one year after the month of the date of service.

Worldwide coverage

Blue Shield’s Plans C, D, and F go with you when you travel, even though Medicare benefits are available only when you are in the United States, its territories or possessions. When you are outside the United States,these Blue Shield plans pay 80% of billed charges for Medicare-covered expenses for medically necessary emergency care, as long as care begins during the first 60 days of the trip outside the United States. This benefit is subject to a $250 calendar-year deductible and a $50,000 lifetime maximum benefit.

SilverSneakers Fitness Program

Blue Shield knows how very important fitness is to your health and well-being.That’s why we offer the SilverSneakers® Fitness Program at no additional cost to our valued Blue Shield Medicare Supplement subscribers! Get fit, have fun and make friends with an exercise program designed exclusively for you! The SilverSneakers Fitness Program offers:

  • Fitness – Enjoy a basic membership at a participating SilverSneakers location with access to amenities such as treadmills, weights, a heated pool,or indoor walking track, and more (amenities may vary by location).
  • Fun – Participate in classes which are designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance and endurance in a safe and motivating environment.
  • Friends – Meet new friends while you exercise, socialize, and enjoy health education seminars that promote living a healthy lifestyle. Is going to a participating SilverSneakers location inconvenient?

We also offer SilverSneakers Steps, a self-directed fitness program designed for members without convenient access to participating locations. Blue Shield Medicare Supplement members, who live more than 15 miles from a SilverSneakers fitness location, can order a Steps kit with tools and program elements to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle by increasing your level of physical activity.

The program helps you to:
1. Set your individual fitness goals
2. Track your progress
3. Submit your results by mail, phone, or Internet to become eligible for special incentives You can choose to attend a participating fitness center in combination with using the SilverSneakers Steps program, or just use the Steps kit in the convenience of your own home.

SilverSneakers is a registered mark of Healthways, Inc.Blue Shield and the Shield symbol are registered marks of the BlueCross BlueShield Association, an association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans.